Viridis Learning, Inc.

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The platform provides unique features that support student success, including degree planning, an early warning system, and a feature to support job placement. Use of platform improves postsecondary outcomes by increasing interaction between students and advisors, ensuring timely and targeted advising to improve student movement through pathways, and facilitating subsequent job placement.

The platform serves students, advisors, instructors, and employers. The platform can be accessed through computers and mobile to facilitate use, especially among disadvantaged students who are more likely to access the internet via their phones. The platform incorporates two systems: (i) a learning management system where students and instructors manage courses and communicate and (ii) a system that integrates course planning, advising and job matching services. The platform is grounded in literature; research on technology-enhanced advising and monitoring suggests that these types of tools can play a significant role in driving student success in college.