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uAspire believes that technology can be a vital and cost-efficient tool to drive better college affordability decisions for young people and families. uAspire is piloting a Virtual Advising Center to provide college affordability advising via two-way text messaging that if successful, we will seek include as a full service offering of our organization at scale. uAspire is currently developing a business plan for the Virtual Advising Center with Wellspring Advisors to be completed in August 2016. uAspireā€™s current Virtual Advising Center was launched as part of a randomized controlled trial study in April 2015 with services and research continuing through September 2016 with a cohort of 31,000 students. Fourteen months in, uAspire has shown impressive results with over 73% of students are actively engaging with the texts (with less than 10% opt-out rate) and our Virtual Advising team of seven staff members have sent over 1,000,000 text messages.