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Globally, conventional methods of education and learning are transitioning from centralized to distributed, and from standardized to personalized. Such trends have resulted in better learning outcomes, thus leading to huge demand for oneon-one learning. Yet in a country like Nigeria, with 180 million people – there has been no easy, reliable way to find and hire great teachers to learn subjects like Math, Physics, Art etc., or exams like SATs, GMAT, ACCA or even skills like Cooking, Music, Languages, Bead-making etc. Tuteria solves this problem using an online platform where learners can easy find, evaluate, book, pay for and track lessons with a verified local teacher in any subject, skill or exam. For instance, someone looking to learn Math or Violin can connect online with a Math or Violin teacher nearby, determine suitability, pay & schedule lessons, then meet in-person to learn. To date, we’ve transacted over $134,000 worth of lessons.

The MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge to become Economic Prosperity Challenge in 2020