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Soko is transforming ethical fashion from a niche player in the global fashion industry to a meaningful and competitive sourcing and purchasing option for global brands and individual consumers alike, pioneering Ethical Fast Fashion.

Soko is transforming the status quo of how trade is conducted with emerging markets, to create a more ethical supply chain; matching marginalized artisan production with real-time global demand for Soko’s designs. Soko is a catalyst for global supply chain innovation, leveraging our proprietary Virtual Resource Planning tools (VRP) and mobile enterprise solutions with a distributed network of SME producers for a more ethical and agile production model. Soko is working with over 1300 artisans around Nairobi in a ‘Virtual Factory’ model that is more agile, more distributed and more ethical; where artisans retain an unprecedented 25-35% of revenue and Soko competes on affordability and style in the mainstream fashion market.