Income Growth & Job Creation
Global Grand Prize Winner






Economic inclusion of rural frontier communities, of 3Billion people, is handicapped by inefficiencies of last-mile logistics. Constrained by availability, reliability and affordability of transport, villages lack access to essential goods, rendering them underserved and disconnected from mainstream value chains. Local vehicle operators suffer information asymmetry, favoritism of entrenched relationships, and inability to appropriately aggregate demand. This status quo perpetuates limited opportunities and uncertain working hours for local transporters, all while failing to capture carbon-footprint reduction opportunities through smarter capacity utilization and scheduling. Our auction-based platform – using demand aggregation, load/route/schedule optimization, and fulfilment tracking – better connects demand to local capacity, alleviating most collection & distribution obstacles. Our vehicle-agnostic approach supports milk runs and line-hauls, seamlessly integrating trucks, bikes, boats and UAVs alike. During 18 months, the platform has performed 14k deliveries for 1000 customers, and >80 livelihoods have been created alongside a 300% income increase for many transporters.