Humans + Machines
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LeadGenius collects sales and marketing information to provide to high-growth sales and marketing teams. A community of hundreds of digital researchers recruited from slums, villages, and cities in 40 different countries curates this information, aided by crawling, extraction and data-parsing technology produced by LeadGenius.

The effectively unlimited demand for growth-related data from sales and marketing teams allows us to provide a sustainable and effectively limitless source of work for our community of researchers, while paying above-market wage and allowing flexible working conditions. Our software makes the work available to individuals with limited technical literacy, and a strong online support network simulates real-world working environments. LeadGenius committed early on to providing “good work”, including above-market hourly wages, flexible hours, and advancement opportunities.

The gap between what machines are able to extract from crawled information and what humans are able to analyze means that the need for this work will persist indefinitely.

The MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge to become Economic Prosperity Challenge in 2020