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eKutir’s innovation is in creating a holistic yet highly personalized approach with a high-touch model to access low-income markets. A fragmented and exploitative supply chain is converted in to a responsible and ethical value chain, to foster exchange of products and services with the low-income markets. eKutir has designed and deployed ICT platform that can enable the development of an ecosystem that can unleash multi-pronged, integrated interventions to address complex problems such as rural poverty in developing countries. Such convergence requires concerted efforts from multiple actors (e.g., farmers, micro-entrepreneurs, agricultural firms, sanitation firms, and government), each leveraging their core competencies but doing so in collaboration with others for self-sustaining, maximum impact. Our core philosophy is defined on designing an integrated, collaborative ecosystem for helping people in low-income markets lead secure and dignified lives. The ecosystem thrives on the principle of using business and market-led models to generate socio-economic transformation.

The MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge to become Economic Prosperity Challenge in 2020