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Destacame is solving the asymmetry of information between those MSMEs that want a loan and financial institutions. By understanding the timeliness of payments to suppliers, cash flow cycles, e-commerce and social networks interactions we can prove how organized and responsible a MSME is.

With each MSME consent Destacame gathers historical information and, using our proprietary algorithm, creates a credit score that MSMEs can share with financial institutions to prove their credit worthiness. This type of information has proven predictive for people and also is for MSMEs.

Our business model benefits all stakeholders. MSMEs access to credit increasing productivity and growing their businesses, large suppliers grow along with them as avoid concentration on large clients. At the same time, banks get more information to reduce the risk of new clients while the reduction on the cost of credit origination makes it more attractive to invest in those MSMEs that were invisible.

The MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge to become Economic Prosperity Challenge in 2020