2017 Grand Prize Winner


Technology Access

Every spring, 2.5 million students are admitted to college in the U.S. By September, 14% who intend to enroll will fail to matriculate. Of the students who enroll, 48% fail to earn a degree within six years. Students who dropout disproportionately come from underserved communities, which frequently lack the supportive resources to help students navigate challenging financial, academic, and social situations. The societal impact of this phenomenon is staggering, costing the U.S. an estimated $4.5 billion in lost earnings and taxes annually. AdmitHub has designed an innovative solution to these issues – an AI virtual assistant. The primary benefits are: 1) students receive personalized support 24/7, 2) colleges enjoy greater insight into individual and collective student mindsets and more time to engage deeply with students who most need support, and 3) more data is available for universities to provide greater individual support.

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