Financial Inclusion
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There are currently 2.4 billion people in the world without identity; a prerequisite to access public and financial services. The UN Sustainable Development Goals, 16.9 states everybody on earth should have a legal identity by 2030. By enabling customised services such as asset creation, transfer on top of a Digital Identity infrastructure, AID:Tech’s award winning platform brings social and financial inclusion for the underserved & undocumented through digital ID on the blockchain. AID:Tech provides end-users with a Digital ID profile that offers scope for building extensive financial and social history. It offers a streamlined alternative to existing offerings that are outpaced by current demands – processes are siloed, data are fragmented, where they are often duplicated, misused and lost. These obstacles are not only costly, with $1.1 trillion is lost every year from developing countries due to illicit outflows but stops end-users from financial inclusion and access to social services.