1. Your Quick Pitch

    Provide a clear and succinct explanation of your organization’s approach to empowering people who seek to work and financially thrive in the digital economy.

  2. Your Executive Summary

    Provide a brief summary of the future of work challenge that you are committed to solving and the solution that you are proposing. Your Executive Summary, along with other portions of your application, may be extracted and revealed to the public. Therefore, your response should not require any other context to explain clearly the problem and your proposed solution.

  3. Your Vision

    What is your vision for where your organization will be five years from now? Per the Vision Metric, why is this vision bold, innovative, and transformative in its approach to shaping our economic destiny?

  4. Your Strategy

    Describe your organization’s business strategy and solution. How do you address the challenge that you described above? Per the Scalability Metric, explain how your organization and your solution will grow over time and increase in effectiveness.

  5. Your Goals & Outcomes

    What metrics do you use to measure your success? What are your organization’s top three goals over the next year?

  6. Your Risks

    What internal and external risks does your organization face? How do you intend to manage them?

  7. Competitive Landscape & Positioning

    Describe other organizations that address the same future of work challenge that your organization is solving. What is your competitive advantage over these competitors?

  8. Your Organization

    Describe your organization and your operations. When was your organization established? Where are you headquartered? Where do you operate? How many people work at your organization?

  9. Your Leadership Team

    Who founded your organization? Is he/she still leading the organization? If not, who is? Did the founder(s) face their own obstacles to engaging and working in the digital economy?

  10. Your Technology

    How does your organization leverage technology or create technology to empower people to actively engage and work in our rapidly evolving digital economy? Per the Scalability Metric, how does your use of technology enable and contribute to your overall success?

  11. Your Impact: Evidence

    Provide clear and compelling evidence that your organization’s solution has proven to be measurably effective. Per the Impact Metric, show specific and quantifiable evidence that your organization directly empowers people to engage and/or work in the digital economy.

  12. Your Impact: Beneficiaries

    Discuss the people that your organization empowers to engage and work in the digital economy. Who are these people? Why have they previously been excluded from the benefits of the digital economy? What are the obstacles they face to achieving economic inclusion? Per the Participation Metric, explain how your solution contributes to greater inclusion in the digital economy.

  13. Your Financial Position

    Provide a narrative description of the financial status and funding model of your organization. Explain why and how you are positioned for long-term stability and expansion. If you are a for-profit organization, what is your revenue generation model? If you are a non-profit organization, what is your source of cash flow, if not solely grants?

  14. The Prize & Other Considerations

    If you are named a Regional Finalist, how will your organization spend the prize money and leverage the recognition to accelerate your solution? Please be specific. i.e. What type and how many personnel might you hire? What investments might you make in technology? How might you allocate funding toward marketing?

  15. Other

    If there is any other information you would like the Judges to consider, please include it here.