July 23, 2019






Regional Finalists now advance to IIC events in five regions to vie for a trip to MIT where $1M will be awarded.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., July 23, 2019

The MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy has announced the 2019 60 Regional Finalists for their 2019 global future of work prize, the MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge (IIC). Over 500 judges from across the globe selected 60 exemplary inclusive innovation organizations representing the best future of work solutions on the planet from a field of nearly 1,900 registrations from 116 countries, The 60 Regional Finalists now proceed to regional events in five regions – US & Canada, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia – where they will pitch their solutions live to a panel of regional innovation experts. Twenty Regional Winners, four from each region, will then proceed to the Global Grand Prize Gala at MIT on November 21 where $250,000 will be awarded to each of four Grand Prize Winners.

Meet the 60 Regional Finalists HERE.

The IIC is a global tournament, awarding $1.6 million annually to organizations that are using technology to revolutionize the future of work and create a more equitable economy. The IIC accelerates innovation-driven entrepreneurship for a more inclusive and prosperous economy. Since 2016, $178.9 million in cumulative revenue has been generated, $1.05 billion in cumulative capital has been raised, and over 6,800 jobs created by the IIC’s 100 winning organizations. 

Technology is the most disruptive force in human history, ushering in a new era of unprecedented health, convenience, and prosperity. Yet many people are not experiencing the benefits of this progress, despite actively seeking to more fully participate in and profit from new educational, financial, and work opportunities. 

MIT believes that inclusive innovation is an urgent imperative. The question we should be asking ourselves at this historic moment isn’t “what is technology going to do to our economy and society,” but rather “what will we do with technology?”

Efforts to increase economic opportunity are needed at the highest levels of business and government. Yet it’s often small, local entrepreneurs like those applying to the IIC who are paving the way. Since 2016, nearly 5,000 organizations have registered from 106 nations, with $3.5 million awarded.

“Inclusive innovators aren’t just changing the game – they’re changing the world,” says Erik Brynjolfsson, co-founder of the IIC. “IIC winning organizations exemplify scalable, working solutions that broaden opportunity and harness technology to include more people in the digital economy. The IIC’s goal is to accelerate the best future of work solutions on the planet.”

“Let’s not bury the lede… that our world and the state of humanity is improving overall very quickly because of tech progress,” adds Andrew McAfee, co-founder of the IIC. “Our winners and other entrants show us that broadly shared prosperity is possible, which makes a great antidote to pessimism and negativity.”

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