Zuweina Farah

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, id8 Space






Over nine years of experience working with organizations and projects across the continent, an entrepreneur and a devoted entrepreneurship activist. As the co-founder and managing director of id8 Space, partner at Kryola, and co-creator of the flagship event, Bits & Bytes Innovation & Technology Convention. Zuweina has had the opportunity of working with over 200+ startups and grassroots social enterprises in East Africa, that have grown to become award-winning ideas.

Id8 Space exists to build a reputation as a trusted facilitator, capable of bringing together a wide range of stakeholders. Facilitators of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology, providing opportunities to thought leaders and Africans to discuss best practices and theories on the implementation of innovation-driven development.

Her experience ranges from project management, project design and integration, to business development advisory, coupled with educational background in Econometrics and Statistics. Zuweina represented Tanzania at the 10th UN World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the United Nations Headquarters in 2016 and is actively part of youth engagement programs that promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Tanzania.

She takes keen interest in the areas of market strategy and analysis, big data, community research and management, and project design and integration.

The MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge to become Economic Prosperity Challenge in 2020