Viviana Zocco

Founder & CEO, Grupo VIDA

Latin America

Viviana Zocco is an argentine business woman, with more than 20 years of strategic and operational experience, passionate about bringing ideas to life and anticipating trends worldwide.
Recognized by The Stevie Awards as Female Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016,
Named Woman to Watch Argentina in 2017 by Adlatina and Advertising Age.
She began her career at a young age working for Bank of America in Argentina. In 1988, she continued her career as CFO for Dow Chemical.

After spending some intense years on the financial system, in 1992, Viviana co-founded Risk Analysis, one of the first rating agencies in Argentina. A few years later, Standard & Poor’s acquired the company and asked Viviana to lead S&P in Latin America as Managing Director for Origination Business, as well as being Bs. As. Office Head. The acquisition of Risk Analysis by Standard and Poor’s was developed as a study case by Babson College and was later published by Harvard Business Review.

In 2002 she decided to venture in the publishing and TV businesses along with the IT, media and digital content markets. She founded several companies such as TKM; Vesvi.com (Video on Demand); Bajamusica (First Digital Music store in Latam); and a Spanish e-book Ecosystem that includes: Bajalibros.com; BIDi.la; LEAMOS.com, Indelibros.com.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

I'm sure that the IIC will give to the region and its entrepreneurs a great opportunity. For me being part of MIT IIC is a

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