Vivian Guilfoy

Senior Advisor, EDC, Inc.


US & Canada



Guilfoy has designed and led innovative programs and research focused on workforce development, learning and literacy, and community development. At the heart of her work are ways to grow the talents of diverse learners who face multiple obstacles in their journey to further education, civic participation and promising employment. Guilfoy has overseen public-private partnerships and national resource and TA centers to enable effective implementation of programs. Collaborations include US Departments of Education, Labor, Justice, National Science Foundation and venture philanthropists. She coauthored ‘More Than Title IX: How Equity in Education Has Shaped the Nation’ (Rowman and Littlefield) which captures inspiring stories of how ordinary women and men did extraordinary things to open up opportunities in STEM, sports, employment, legislation, and business. Before joining EDC,Guilfoy directed Nontraditional Occupations for Women at the YWCA, implemented a Curriculum Planning Methodology for Puerto Rico at Consad Research, taught School, Business,Community Collaboration at BU Graduate School of Education and provided TA to vocational-technical and academic faculty specialists at American Institutes for Research. Gullfoy received a BS Ed in Social Studies from the University of Pennsylvania and an MA in Educational Research from the University of Pittsburgh.

The MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge to become Economic Prosperity Challenge in 2020