Innovation, IP and Patent Consultant, KAINAGORA Innovation & Intellectual Property Consultants






Senior Innovation, IP and Patent Consultant (PQ EU and US Patent Attorney) with 20+ years of Top Level Experience in IP Intelligence for Investment Appraisal and Risk Management, Patent Application Drafting and Prosecution, Tax Benefits, Investment Sourcing, Maximization of R&D ROI, Creation of Sustainable Competitive Advantage, Patent Analytics for Uncovering Technology, Market Trends and Competitors’ Movements long before they become Public.

20+ years of hands-on experience in a wide range of industries including telecommunications, electronics, biomedicine, culture, maritime, banking, manufacturing, operations, chemicals and augmented & virtual reality. Happy clients in the EU and the US include Large Multinationals, SMEs, Startups, Investors, Funds, Banks, Academia, International Organizations and Governments.

Ph.D. in electrical Engineering from Imperial College, Londong and MBA International.

The MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge to become Economic Prosperity Challenge in 2020