Tiara Andrade Bicalho

Innovation Manager, ABGI Brasil

Latin America

MSc in Business with a focus on Strategy and Innovation Management at UFMG. BSc in Production Engineering at UFMG.

Extensive experience in Technological Innovation Management, acting for several years as a consultant in this area. During this period has worked on a wide range of projects related with: management of financial resources for innovation (funding and tax incentives); structuring processes of innovation management; generation of business case for R&D centers; structuring open innovation programs; and development of technology road map for large companies from different sectors (steel, mining, cement, automotive, telecommunication, software, pulp and paper, agricultural, cosmetic, etc).

Before working with Innovation Management at ABGI/Inventta BGI , accumulated knowledge in quality management tools working with process redesign based on PDCA methodology, control and monitoring of performance indicators (KPIs), control and dissemination of best practices of Six Sigma and CCQs projects in large companies.

In the academic field, acted as a professor of Product Management on the graduation course of Business at UFMG.

Specialties: Innovation management; technology and product development management tools; financial resources for innovation; funding and tax incentives; open innovation; innovation strategy; process redesign; quality management tools.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

For Millennials self-actualisation, fulfillment and purpose are coming really early on in their career, which is perfect for the enhancement of entrepreneurship.

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