Tamires Endringer

Tamires Endringer

Co-owner and coordinator, Gestão Super Simples e Faculdade PIO XII

Latin America

Graduate in Accounting and Post-Graduation in Accounting and Labor Expertise, Specialist in Tax and Succession Management, Specialist in Judicial Recovery by Univeristy of Oxford-England and Restructuring of Companies in Crisis by the University of Sorbonne-Paris, Founding Partner in Accounting Advisory Firm Gestão Super Simples, Partner of Expertise Experts and Judicial Administrators, Coordinator and Professor of Accounting Sciences Course of PIO XII College, Judicial Expert in Dozens of Processes, Counselor of CRC-ES, Member of the Commission of Academic Coordinators of CRC-ES, Member of the Commission for Continuing Education and Professional Development of CRC-ES, Member of the Support Committee for the Accounting Class Volunteer Program (PVCC), Member of the Brazilian Institute of Finance Executive, Member of the TMA-Turnaround Management Association.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

I believe that work is the only way of evolution of the world and people, being able to realize dreams.

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