Tamires Endringer

Founder and coordinator, Group Expertise e Faculdade PIO XII


Latin America




Graduate in Accounting and Post-Graduation in Accounting and Labor Expertise, Specialist in Tax and Succession Management, Specialist in Judicial Recovery by Univeristy of Oxford-England and Restructuring of Companies in Crisis by the University of Sorbonne-Paris, Founding Firm Expertise – audit, reestruturation management, advisory, Partner of Expertise Experts and Judicial Administrators, Coordinator and Professor of Accounting Sciences Course of PIO XII College, Judicial Expert in Dozens of Processes, Counselor of CRC-ES, Member of the Commission of Academic Coordinators of CRC-ES, Member of the Commission for Continuing Education and Professional Development of CRC-ES, Member of the Support Committee for the Accounting Class Volunteer Program (PVCC), Member of the Brazilian Institute of Finance Executive, Member of the TMA-Turnaround Management Association.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

quote I believe that work is the only way of evolution of the world and people, being able to realize dreams.