Susan Mulikita

Chief Executive Officer - Liquid Telecoms Zambia, Mrs





Susan has more than 23 years’ ICT/telecommunications legal, regulatory and management experience operating at a senior level for both private sector and public organisations. This includes Airtel where she was responsible for telecommunications and ICT law, policy, regulation and stakeholder management and the Zambia Information and Communication Technologies Authority where she was for many years responsible for licensing, markets development, consumer affairs and competition management. Susan’s experience spans across local and multinational environments.
Susan is a graduate of the University of Zambia having attained a Bachelor of Laws Degree there and a Master of Laws (ICT) from the Buckinghamshire New University (UK).
Susan is also a qualified practitioner of Telecoms/ICT Policy, Law, Regulation and Management.
Susan’s roles involved extensive participation in the development of the ICT/telecommunications legal and regulatory framework in Zambia over the years and is now a seasoned authority in that regard.
Outside her professional space, Susan enjoys running, cooking, reading, spending time with her family and children. She also devotes some of her time to mentoring younger people who she believes are the future and deserve as many chances as they can possibly have.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

quote Work in whichever form has existed since time immemorial. Later generations only perfect the means and value extracted therefrom, the possibilities are immense.

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