Silvia Constain

Silvia Constain

Consultant, Consultant

Latin America

Silvia headed public policy/government affairs in Spanish speaking South America for Facebook and Apple, respectively. She worked hand in hand with her global policy colleagues, as well as communications, sales and product and engineering counterparts. When she joined the ICT sector, Silvia brought with her in-depth knowledge of policy-making processes at a country, regional and multilateral level. From the Colombian Embassy in Washington she advocated for the country’s priorities before the Administration, Congress and other stakeholders. In the Trade Ministry in Bogota and the Colombian Mission to the WTO she steered inter-agency and stakeholder consultations that resulted in negotiating positions, which she then defended in international negotiations on trade, investment and intellectual property, among others. Silvia has worked in Bogota, Geneva, Washington and most recently in Buenos Aires, and lived in Boston as an international Affairs Fellow. During her career she has built a strong results-driven track record in networks, negotiations, management, strategy design and execution, risk management and economic development in diverse sectors, including ICT. Silvia is an Economist from the University of Los Andes, where she also earned her MBA, as well as a 2013 International Affairs Fellow at Harvard University.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

There is so much to be discovered and so much space for improvement, which I am excited to see.

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