Shani Senbetta

CEO, Kidame Mart




Selection Panel

Shani Senbetta, is Ethiopian-American. She was born in the USA and moved to Ethiopia in 2011 after graduating with an MBA from Harvard Business School to contribute the best way she knew how: through starting and running businesses.

Currently she is founder and CEO of a social-enterprise called Kidame Mart. It is one of Ethiopia’s early social enterprises empowering rural female entrepreneurs to provide last mile distribution of high impact and fast moving consumer goods. Kidame Mart’s headquarters in Addis Ababa currently supports a network of 900+ female entrepreneurs and sales coaches who sell products door to door in rural communities.

Shani is also co-owner and COO of Zeleman Communications, Advertising and Production, the largest communications and advertising company in Ethiopia with over 120 full time employees.

Shani believes that the jobs, wealth and innovation created by businesses is the most sustainable form of economic development for developing countries and works hard to make every day count.

The MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge to become Economic Prosperity Challenge in 2020