Santiago Lalinde

CEO, Interacpedia (Idea Minds Group SAS)


Latin America




Creative person who seeks to change the education system connecting students to real challenges and revolutionizing the way to identify/develop/recruit the best talent and collaborative innovation. Expert at organizations` challenges, experiential learning and collaborative innovation. Speaker, entrepreneurs mentor and adviser to companies and universities. Fanatic of collaborative systems, disruptive business models, personalized interactions, balance, neuroscience, experiences, breaking paradigms…
+17 years of experience in Marketing, Market Research, Information Systems, Sales and Senior Management. Business Administrator with specialization in Finance at Eafit, Diploma in Internet Business at Mcgill University Montreal, Canada. I have created software and games. Winner of international awards and recognitions :academic, creativity, process design, entrepreneurship. International recognition as a leader that can change the lives of millions of people (MIT IIC, GSP Singularity and Gifted Citizen/pitch@palace).

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

quote Because Interacpedia┬┤s purpose is to revolutionize the way to identify, develop and recruit the best talent from universities of the world