Robert James

Robert James

Professor of Business, Macomb Community College

North America

Bob James is a professor of business at Macomb Community College specializing in supply chain and entrepreneurship and is the faculty in residence at Macomb’s Center for Innovations and Entrepreneurship. He’s spent more than 25 years in the supply chain field working for a variety of companies including Grainger Industrial Supply and Warrior Sports. Bob’s diverse career has taken him from entry level positions in the field to high levels of authority, many of which included managing people, systems, budgets and multiple locations. Bob has owned two business, one of which was extremely successful while the other, not so much. In January of 2011 he started a business installing material handling equipment, racks and mezzanines. MJ Installations employed 4 full time employees and multiple part time employees. In August 2015 Bob sold the business to his brother allowing him to continue managing the company. In June 2015 Bob became the owner of a professional roller hockey team in the National Roller Hockey League. While the endeavor was extremely rewarding, the franchise has closed. Bob now shares his experience with others through Macomb Community College.

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