Rafaela Cavalcanti


Latin America

Rafaela Cavalcanti is what happens when a social change agent melds with a powerful business developer. Rafaela is the founder and CEO of CloQ, an app that provides cheaper and easy to reach nano-credit to the poor and the unbanked while educating them to make better financial decisions. In this role she works on the strategy of the company and the business development. Prior to founding CloQ, Rafaela has worked with business development in India, China and the Netherlands. After achieving her MBA at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam she decided that she could apply her knowledge creating a scalable business that would be able to cause a real impact in the society. She was always a fan of the micro-credit project created by Yunus, and CloQ is developed with similar principals. However, it uses AI to improve the results, increase the reach and scalability and minimize the cost of traditional micro-credit. Rafaela is also a fellow at the Yunus&Youth, which empowers extraordinary young entrepreneurs who use run businesses that do good.

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