Rafael Ramirez-de-Alba

Department Chair - Economics, IPADE Business School


Latin America




Rafael Ramirez-de-Alba is the head of the Economics Department at IPADE Business School in Mexico City, where he is also currently serving as Associate Dean for the Executive MBA. He conducts research and teaches courses in micro and macroeconomics and his interests are on the impact of entrepreneurship in social and economic development and on the strategic implications of changes in the economic environment, particularly those related to technological change, the development of new digital platforms and market design. Rafael received his MBA from Columbia Business School in New York City and has extensive experience in the financial services industry, having worked for the Central Bank of Mexico, Goldman Sachs and GE Capital before joining IPADE.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

quote I'm a relentless believer in the creative ingenuity of the human spirit

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