Prince Bonney







Prince Bonney is a technopreneur and Africa tech-policy expert with a background in Information Technology (BSc), business administration and Entrepreneurship (Diploma). He is passionate about youth employment and impact innovations and at the same time creating opportunities for others to excel through his work. This has encouraged him to focus on accelerating the adoption of the 4th industrial age technologies in solving crucial challenges and creating jobs in Africa through human capacity building. Prince has over 4 years’ experience in technology development, innovation process management, and managing technology-entrepreneurship communities. He served as a consultant in various capacities in e-governance, digital skills development and digital entrepreneurship for Bonney Business Consult, an innovation consultancy firm paving way for startups to gain access to a network of opportunities and international development agencies. He is the founder and chief executive officer of ICODE, a tech innovation hub which through its Future Workforce for Africa Initiative trains undergraduate, unemployed and underemployed youths to acquire competent skills in emerging technologies (IoT, VR/AR, Agritech, Coding, etc.) for problem-solution-startup incubation or getting employment. Prince was listed among 2018 30 under 30 future Ghana entrepreneur pioneers and he was the only one selected from the Western Region of

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