President, MSD


Latin America




Degree in Economics and MAs in Systemic Thinking. Executive education in of the Harvard, Stanford, Northwestern Kellogg Business Schools, Japan International Cooperation Agency in Osaka, Japan and the Center for Integral Development and Training in Dublin, Ireland.
By invitation, he has participated in the sessions of the “ImagiLab” Foundation of the LEGO Group, in Switzerland, where the state of the art in the design and implementation of “real time” strategy is researched.
International Marketing VP in CEMEX Group and Operative and Strategic Planning in CYDSA Group. Since 2000 consultant to companies in the planning processes focused on accelerating growth and development of new markets and new businesses.
Co-founder of SELIDER, the largest organization in Mexico for the development of Leadership skills in young people, mentor in Endeavor and ENLACE E + E of the ITESM alumni, Vice-President of the Red Cross and Chair of the Fund-Raising Committee. Member of the Business Advisory Council of the NEO Initiative of FOMIN and the Inter-American Development Bank and is member of the Editorial Board of the Business, Finance and Economics Board of El Norte – Reforma Newspapers.
Has been distinguished Guest Professor and consultant in ITESMĀ“s Entrepreneur Program and frequent guest speaker at ITESM, IPADE, Anahuac University,etc.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

quote Eventually, technology in general should drive the world to a prosperous new stage impulsing global social mobility from a more "productive higher quality of lifeorientedworkstyle

The MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge to become Economic Prosperity Challenge in 2020