Paulo Roberto dos Santos

Director, Zorfatec

Latin America

Brazilian, 52 Years old, born in São João da Boa Vista, SP
Owner of Zorfatec, consulting company in Technological Innovation
Industrial Mechanical Engineer, MBA in Product Management and Engineering by the Polytechnic School of USP.
With Specialization in Business Administration, Product Development Management, Organizational Dynamics and People Management by Getúlio Vargas Foundation.
Consultant Specialist in Industry 4.0, Innovation Management, Engineering and Automation, assisting in the strategic positioning of the company for new trends such as Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0. One of the pioneers in the introduction of the theme Industry 4.0 in Brazil.
Mentor of the first demonstrator of Industry 4.0, presented at FEIMEC 2016, guiding the strategy of Industry 4.0 creation and application of the concepts. Manager of the demonstrator’s projects of Industry 4.0, presented at EXPOMAFE Fair 2017, contracted by ABIMAQ, and at FISPAL 2017 contracted by INFORMA Exhibitions.
Consultant responsible for the NAGI project of ABIMAQ, attending 48 companies for the implementation of NAGI – Nucleus of Support to the Innovation Management.
For more than 25 years he worked at Festo Brazil, responsible for R & D and Product Strategy in the Americas Region.
Specialized in the development of strategies for New Business, Technological Innovation, Product Positioning and Automation (Automation Master Plan).

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

apart from all the threats, new technologies will open many new areas of business. These business areas will require new professionals, and will provide more

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