Oscar Ruiz

Director y Consultor Principal, ORuiz Ingenieros Asociados Ltd.

Latin America

Short Bio for Mr. Oscar Ruiz, MCP, MIT, 1982.
Mr Oscar Ruiz was a Senior Fellow of the World Hunger Program at MIT- Harvard, 1980-1982, Senior Fellow at The United Nations University, Tokio, Japan ( 1983-1984), Economics and Investment Consultant at The World Bank, Washington DC ( 1986-1991), Economic Consultant at the WHO/PAHO for the Study of Cost effectiveness of generic drugs, Washington, 1996 .Currently he is a Senior Fellow at the University of United Nations, Tokio, Japan and principal Director at ORuiz and Engineers, Ltd. Based in Santiago Chile.
Mr. Ruiz has a Master Degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(, MIT) in Cambridge, MA. USA, 1982. His thesis was “ Assessment of the Child Health Care in Chile, 1960-1977” with Prof. Joe Ferreira as thesis Director.
Since 2002 Mr. Ruiz is Director at ORuiz Ingenieros Asociados LTd. ( Oruiz and Co).
ORuiz and Co. provides technological and economic assessment on varied Health Care Systems in LatinAmerica (urban an rural). From Single Points of Contacts for patients ( SPOC)- located in isolated areas; to planning and project investment studies, on setting cost – efficient health systems.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

Work is a human activity with different kinds developments. We are crossing a new barrier from instensive physical to brain power.

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