Nandita Sethi

Managing Director, The Entrepreneur Zone (A Unit of Zen SkillProc)






Nandita Sethi is the Founder & MD of The Entrepreneur Zone,(A Unit of Zen SkillProc Pvt Ltd) ( which is an Entrepreneurship Training Centre and a Startup Accelerator. She has a Masters in Economics and a doctorate in International Economics. She has trained several executives in top/mid-management levels on Global Markets, Business Environment, Corporate Reforms, Marketing Trends, Strategy & Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship. She has authored the book “The Asia Pacific Region: Emerging Opportunities for India” and edited the books, “Global Meltdown: Regional Impacts” and 2 volumes of “Rethinking India’s Growth Strategy: Services vs Manufacturing, Vol I & II”. She is a mentor for TiE, GIT, ISB-TEP, CII-IWN, UoH, AIP-ICRISAT and has been awarded the TiE Best Mentor Award 2016-17 in the TiE-ISB Connect. She is at present leading the 7th Cohort of Startups in association with UoH . She is the the Vice-Chair of CII -Indian Women Network, Telangana, which helps professional women with knowledge-based programs and assists Govt in formulating policies related to working women. Today her mission is to integrate entrepreneurship training deeply into the existing Educational system so that we see more startup activities on campuses and create a culture and thinking which is highly entrepreneurial.

Why did you decide to be an IIC judge?

quote Innovation & Entrepreneurship is the way forward for any country. Being a jury in IIC will enable me to be part of this global ecosystem