Mukaya (Tai) Panich

Portfolio Manager, Pictet Asset Management






Tai has over 20 years experience working and investing in the Technology sector, in Silicon Valley, New York and Singapore. Her expertise is investing in technology companies (both private and public), especially in deep Tech (AI, Robotics, Semiconductor, Enterprise Software, Internet/Media). Tai is currently a Portfolio Manager at Pictet Asset Management, where she invests in publicly-listed technology companies, with focus on Asia.

Tai started her career as a Design Engineer at SiByte, a Silicon Valley microprocessor startup (funded by Bessemer Ventures and Cisco). SiByte was acquired for $2.2 Billion by Broadcom in 2000. Tai continued to work at Broadcom as a Lead Engineer, managing the development of the Mercurian Microprocessor, used by customers like Cisco and Juniper.

Originally from Thailand, Tai received the prestigious King Scholarship from the King of Thailand to study abroad. She graduated with honors from MIT where she earned Bachelor and Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and subsequently an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Tai is active investing in private companies, leveraging her startup experience. She currently has investments in multiple private companies spanning Digital Media (ASEAN), Data Centers (India), Robotics/AI (Silicon Valley, China), Ride Sharing (Indonesia), and Blockchain.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

quote Artificial Intelligence and Robotics will be the future of work productivity improvement.

The MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge to become Economic Prosperity Challenge in 2020