Meaghan McLaughlin

Program Manager, Entrepreneurial Initiative, Michigan Women's Foundation

North America

Meaghan McLaughlin is an up-and-coming leader in Southeast Michigan’s diverse and growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. Just a few years removed from college and living in the Detroit area for just over a year, she has quickly laid roots in the city through her community participation and action.
Meaghan already shows future promise in leading business and/or community initiatives. She has taken it upon herself to figure out ways to engage the millennial base of region with existing initiatives at several organizations around the area. With her role as manager of the women’s entrepreneurial initiative at Michigan Women’s Foundation, she has taken over the lead for a small investment group comprised of female millennial leaders in Detroit. She has formalized the group’s plan of action and the role it plays in the female entrepreneurial community and she is looking for ways to expand this group throughout the state. In addition to this, many of her other duties include growing the entrepreneurial pipeline by increasing programming and partnership efforts.

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