Matthew Guarini

VP, CIO Research and Co-head Innovation, Forrester

North America

I work with tech executives such as CIOs, CTOs, Digital Officers, and Innovation leaders helping them get ahead of the curve and deliver customer-obsessed strategies in four primary areas:

1) Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IOT), big data, blockchain, and cybersecurity that have the biggest potential to disrupt industries;

2) Operational concepts including agile, devops, automation, and low/no code that individually can improve technology delivery and, when used in combination, can deliver exponential benefits in terms of scale, cost, and quality;

3) Innovation imperatives including strategy, culture, process, and enablers that enable companies to stay ahead; and

4) Key people-related dimensions including leadership, org structure, culture, and talent that are required to make strategies successful.

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