Matthew Bernard

Provincial Specialist, Oilseed Crops, Government of Saskatchewan


US & Canada




Matthew Bernard is the Provincial Specialist, Oilseed Crops with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, where he is currently involved with helping to drive the oilseed industry forward by collaborating with and providing expertise to stakeholders, producers, businesses, researchers, and innovators. He co-chairs the Ministry’s Innovation Network, is a director with the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists, and is a Professional Agrologist. Matthew is originally a farm boy from Saskatchewan, Canada. He received his BSA and MSc from the University of Saskatchewan, College of Agriculture & Bioresources, where his master’s thesis research investigated the molecular events underlying plant biosynthesis of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (the “healthy oils”), to provide data for optimizing plant breeding efforts either for human & animal health, or for industrial non-food alternatives to petroleum. His previous roles in private industry involved R&D in both crop protection and breeding. Since deciding to pursue post-secondary studies, Matthew’s driving motivation has remained the same: bringing agriculture, science & health together to explore the potential of plant oils for both food and industrial applications to enhance our quality of life. Other interests include fingerstyle guitar, taking pictures with drones, and user experience design.

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