Marsha Wulff

Managing Partner, LoftyInc Captial Management






Marsha Wulff is a twenty-year veteran of African business ventures and impact investing whose thesis relies on globally astute African entrepreneurs who are passionate about impacting economic development. As a Managing Partner of the Loftyinc Capital Management Company, she is co-launching the Afropreneurs Fund 2 for scalable technology ventures that are spawned by authentic West Africans whose innovations leapfrog development challenges. Her background includes entrepreneurship, asset management, corporate communications and venture investing. She is a board director of telemedicine telemedicine and Kangpe, which leverages software to make healthcare more affordable and Raintree Farms, Uganda’s largest processor of organic moringa. Marsha earned her Executive MBA at SMU’s Cox School of Business, Dallas, Texas. She has also lived and worked in Australia, Argentina, China, Germany, Taiwan, and India.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

quote People feel empowered when able to provide for themselves and their loved ones. Entrepreneurs and innovators create new work in new markets.

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