Marcos Escobar

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Marcos Escobar Fernández De La Vega is Vice-President at Mastercard, and his professional experience combines the Corporate, Business Owner and Academic sectors. In his corporate assignments, he has held leadership positions at Grupo Posadas, Impulso-Grupo Empresarial and Mastercard. Marcos has over 8 years of management and strategy consulting experience at McKinse&Co., at the Center for Competitive Studies from ITAM and at Mastercard Advisors. As business owner, he owned and operated two branches of Laboratorio Medico Polanco. In the Academia, he has been a Professor for over 20 years, with full- and part-time assignments at ITAM, ITESM-CCM and Universidad Anahuac, where he was the Dean of the Graduate School of Engineering. Additionally, he has been at the Board of a non-profit organization focused on supporting child disability (Centro de Atencion a la Discapacidad Infantil-La Gaviota) for almost 20 years. His educational background is BS EE’98 from ITESM-CEM, his graduate degrees from MIT are MSc in EE’95, MSc in OR’96 y PhD in EE’98, and finally, a post-doctorate certificate from Tulane University.

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