Marcos Buson

New Business Director, Darwin Startups

Latin America

Since 2003 working with Product Management and BizDev. In this period developed +100 products and supported +50 companies in launching their solutions, including startups and multinationals from several market segments.
Master Degree in Lean Development and was doing a PhD in Industrial Engineering with focus on Sustainable Business Models for Startups before have dropped out to found Pinmypet.

Project Director at a Product Design Office for 5 years with a focus on research and development. Design award winner, 1st Place at Fiat-Mueller Design Talent Contest, IDEA Award Brazil and others. Also worked with R&D at @Autotrac and founded @Lamparina, @PraxxX_HE and @Lectron (a Smart Grid Solutions startup).

Experience in evaluating projects for investment, acting as advisor in funds and incubators, such as: Darwin Starter (CVentures), UNIINOVA (Univali Incubator), Hotmilk and SEED-MG.

Always seeking more knowledge in the areas: sustainable business strategies, seed funds/venture capital, performance indicators and startups foundation.

Keynote speaker, panelist and workshop facilitator during free time.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

Because we still have hundreds of areas that deserve technological interventions to improve our quality of life and our well being.

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