Marcelo Nogueira

Marcelo Nogueira

Financial Services Director, Via Varejo

Latin America

Corporate Entrepreneur Executive with 20+ yrs experience with general management, strategic planning, business development, financial analysis, operations and report for the Business Unit P&L. With full cycle passages in Retail Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (Itau), Electronics/Appliances & Furniture Retail Operations (Via Varejo), Telecom Retail Sales and Customer Experience (Oi) and Management Consultancy (Falconi).

Entrepreneurial experience starting 3 companies in distinct industries such as manufacturing and distribution of goods, e-commerce and kids healthy food, this last on still owned (omanhenolanche.com.br).

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

I believe that technology has the potential to dramatically improve quality of live mainly to the poorest people around the world

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