Lisbeth Sanchez Ramirez

Founder of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, Universidad Catolica Andres Bello/ Wayra


Latin America



Economist graduated from the Andrés Bello Catholic University, Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Barcelona, ​​at this time I am the Director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the UCAB (CIE), and advises different companies at a national and international. Expert in new business models and disruptive innovation. Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
Founder of the Innovation Center at the University for which I work, active collaborator with accelerators. Promoter of social entrepreneurship in Venezuela.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

quote Each grain of sand contributed is a remote possibility of change.

The MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge to become Economic Prosperity Challenge in 2020