Selection Panel

Leticia Lyle

Director of Social Impact

Latin America

Leticia has degrees in pedagogy, business, communication and a Masters in Education from Teachers College at Columbia University, New York. She is currently the Director of Social Impact at Somos Educação, and President of Instituto SOMOS, having successfully founded three organizations focused on social and emotional competencies development and research, education technology and large-scale ed. program implementation. Recipient of a Lemann Fellowship for her contributions to Brazilian Public Education, and the prestigious Early Carreer Award of Teachers College Columbia University, Leticia is also a Post Graduate Studies Course Coordinator at Instituto Singularidades, an university in Brazil focused solely on Teaching and Learning, with the challenge of developing models for preparing teachers to teach in our complex world, and a founding partner of Afterschool Educação, an experimental, project and competency based afterschool program and preschool.

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