Leobardo Grebot

Leobardo Grebot

Director, Restaurante Ixkati

Latin America

Areas of work: Architecture, Systems Architecture, Network Architecture, Design, Communications, Animation, VR, among others.

Founder Partner of Vidics in 1988 one of the first interactive media software development companies in Latin America.

Participated and collaborated with many ICT companies and projects around the world including Media Lab’s 2B1 in the late 90`s, Starlight, EVL, Internet2, MediaHouse. Currently working on the development of large scale Autonomous and Self-Sustainable Life System Architectures.

And above all a firm believer that all of humanity’s social systems dysfunctionalities are the consequence of the fact that our way of life is built upon systems that do not follow or respect the laws of our planet’s ecosystem but that this can be corrected thanks to regulation, education and existing complementary technologies orchestration.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

I am not

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