Kuan-Tsae Huang

Chairman & CEO, Aztrong Inc, Taskco e-business






Dr. Huang is the CEO of AzTrong Inc and Chairman of Taskco e-Business Corporation. He is also a senior advisor to a DC-based patent law firm, Ditthavong Mori & Steiner, PC. He was the CEO/President of NanoTune Technologies, Adjunct Professor of Bio-Informatics at Fordham University and Research Affiliate of the MIT Information Quality Program, Center for Technology, Policy and Industrial Development (CTPID). He was selected by LAUNCH as one of the 2011 top 10 Energy Innovators, which is organized by Department of State, NASA, USAID and NIKE. His current focus is on graphene- based nano-materials for energy storage, cooling solutions for battery and mobile devices, EV and smart grid infrastructure.
Prior to become an entrepreneur, he was Chairman of Taskco which managed Taiwan e-Gov CIO Project office, Vice President of IBM e-Commerce Implementation which led IBM into a successful e-Business Transformation and service industry leader. He led IBM’s effort on PC supply chain e-Commerce by deploying the Direct Model and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service to achieve Number 1 market share in the e-Commerce market. In managing its supply chain, it integrated ERPs (SAP) with many strategic contract manufacturing partners, most of which have factories in China/Asia to provide customized PC

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