Juan Carlos Botero

Juan Carlos Botero

Chief Investment Officer, Sura Asset Management

Latin America

Currently Chief Investment Officer of Asset Management Sura in LATAM (Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Uruguay), leading a team of 100+ investment specialists.

Former Manager of the Colombia Mercantile Exchange and member of boards of directors and strategy committees of financial institutions and manufacturing companies. Nineteen years of experience in the financial sector, structuring products using derivatives, fixed income securities and mortgages, as well as analyzing companies and managing investments. Solid technical background in financial engineering and broad experience in strategy and management. Leadership capabilities, able to recognize the different cultures within a group, and adapt to lead them appropriately. Experience working in highly interconnected and collaborative workplaces.

I have been representative of the government to the Banco Agrario’s Board of Directors and member of the Auditing and Financial Committees. I was member of the BMC’s clearing house Board of Directors. Currently I’m Vice-Chairman in Solla´s board of Directors (largest animal food producer in Colombia). I participated as an external member in Bancolombia’s and Proteccion’s risk committee, a bank and a pension fund, respectively. I’m currently member of the investments committee in Suramericana and member of the team of advisors at Bild, a NY-based start up.

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