Jose Henrique Hoeschl Mendonca

Director, 1961


Latin America




I am a Mechanical engineer (UFSC) with more than 30-years experience and a MBA from California State University (1999). I was one of the first UFSC alumni students to become an entrepreneur in the 1980s, including a patent registration at Brazilian Institute of Patents INPI, being one of the first clients of LBDI (Industrial Design Lab/UFSC). I had several types of businesses and always enjoyed making things happen. I am currently involved with new technologies and innovations in the area of alternative energy, such as photovoltaic systems. I have also studied different topics such as IoT, Drones and Smart Cities technologies. Adrenaline and music are also part of my daily life. I’m passionate about windsurfing, snowboarding and saxophone.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

quote Because technology is running fast and becoming mature in many areas that its impossible not to find different and criative solutions for our big problems.