Jonathan Lehmann

Project Manager and New Venture Developer, World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator


Passionate about ICT and innovation for development, Jonathan is working for the WFP Innovation Accelerator in Munich Germany. He is currently based in Nairobi, Kenya to set up a regional Innovation Hub with a strong focus on the future of cash transfers and blockchain technology for Supply Chain in the context of the World Food Programme. Prior to that he mainly focused on developing new concepts and ventures for remote education and work opportunities for Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan utilizing his experience in Design Thinking and Lean Start Up approach.

Jonathan gained significant work experience in different management roles within Zalando, Europe’s largest and fastest growing e-fashion player where he lead the business development and business acceleration team. He holds MSc. From ESCP Europe, Sciences Po Paris and the London School of Economics in Business and Political Economy.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

Disruptive technologies democratizes education and offer job opportunities for the remote and vulnerable, unleashing untapped human potential and changing lifes

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