Jodi Starkman

Executive Director, Innovation Resource Center for HR


US & Canada




My personal mission is dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness and shared success of organizations and the people who lead and work for them.

In more than thirty years as a collaborative leader, advisor, change agent, and coach, I have partnered with clients to transform and align their culture, structure, talent, and technology with business strategy to enhance performance and drive results.

I believe the future of work in our digital economy will bring incredible opportunities for growth, along with challenging disruptions to people and organizations. In my current role as executive director of a private research foundation – Innovation Resource Center for Human Resources (IRC4HR) – I am focused on funding action research and curating insights about the implications of technology and digital disruption on the future of work, organizations and people, and leadership. I am engaged in part-time consulting and coaching on these topics and am always open to a conversation or a new collaboration opportunity.

Why did you decide to be an IIC judge?

quote I view my participation in the IIC as an opportunity to help promote the use of technology to elevate the human condition.

The MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge to become Economic Prosperity Challenge in 2020