Janet Bravo

UX/UI Designer, Promart


Latin America




UX/UI designer focused on Interactive Design she always strives to maintain a problem-solving approach to all her projects, balancing between aesthetics and functionality.

Currently UX Designer at Lab 1505, the innovation lab of Promart. Promart is a chain of home improvement stores that is part of Intercorp group, the largest economic group in Peru, spanning a portfolio of 33 companies across a diverse array of sectors. She also worked at C.I.N.D.I (the innovation lab of Inkafarma), América Móvil (Claro Perú) & Grupo RPP (conglomerate of media with multiple radio stations, television channels and other businesses )

Finally, she collaborated as a mentor in Laboratoria (Laboratoria is a social enterprise that empowers young women from low-income backgrounds by giving them access to education and work in the digital sector) for the course: Visual Design I.