Helena Estrada

Directora, Centro de Desarrollo Enconómico de la Mujer (CEDEM)

Latin America

Helena Estrada is Director to the Centre for the Economic Development of Woman (CEDEM) whithin the Ministry of Production of Argentina. She holds a law degree from the Universidad Católica Argentina and completed a Master’s Degree in Financial Markets at the ESEADE Institute.

For over ten years Helena worked in the private financial sector. In 2014 she began participation in the G25, a group formed by state officials and private sector stakeholders aiming for ethical, capable people from the public sector to involve in public roles. In 2015, she created G25 Women, a space within G25, specifically directed to women. At present, G25 Women has over 11,000 women involved.

In March 2016, Helena began the project to create the Centre for the Economic Development of Woman (CEDEM), now officially established. to motivate women’s economic empowerment.

Mother of three children, Helena participates actively in education and art foundations such as the Germinare Foundation and the Association of Friends of the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires. In October 2017, Helena was elected National Senator (Alternate) for the Cambiemos coalition for the Province of Buenos Aires.

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