Gwaliwa Mashaka

Managing Director, Splendid Co. LTD






Gwaliwa is Software Engineer and data scientist professional. The founder of Tanzania Digital Girls, national NGO for empowering young women by using STEM for STEM opportunities.

Academically, Ms. Mashaka has MSc in Geographic Information System from Aberdeen University in the UK and BSc in Computer Engineering and Information Systems from University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Ms. Mashaka is a technology innovator, she won multiple awards from national and international innovation challenges such as GIS cloud 2017 where she was a global winner on the use of GIS to mitigate child and maternal mortality rate; Data for Local Impact Innovation Challenge, where she used data and technology to promote inclusive employment in Africa through Employable Africa; Overall national winner 2010, in Beauty On Textile, where she promoted textile and entertainment sector in Tanzania by Using Technology .

Ms. Mashaka is Mandela Washington Fellow 2016 at Reno Nevada University, BG International scholar 2014, Professional Fellow 2018 by US Department of State at Ohio State University.

Why did you decide to be an IIC judge?

quote I am passionate about innovation and inclusive in the Africa continent. It provides a sense of achievement when I contribute to these initiatives.

The MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge to become Economic Prosperity Challenge in 2020