George Bulhões de Lima

Co-Founder and Director of research and innovation, ATI Jurídico

Latin America

Passionate about technology and innovation, systems analyst, empretec, is currently Director of Research and Innovation of ATI Jurídico, company in which he is co-founder. ATI, today with certifications of quality in software and services, was the first company with vision of cloud Computing in the legal area in Brazil serving even of cases in universities. He has officially known Rocket Space, one of the most perfect ecosystems for Startups, in which Amazon, Apple and Google partners in San Francisco – CA / USA. He has twice visited Silicon Valley in California, identifying business opportunities and innovations in technologies and processes, being officially hosted by Apple, HP, Intel, Linkedin, Yahoo, Stanford University and SLAC, the latter, the linear particle accelerator, facing challenges is at the frontier of knowledge. Microsoft Business Campus, House of the Future, Museum of Computer History, Boing Assembly Line, Trade Shows and Technology courses and startups also contribute to their experiences. George Bulhões is IT consultant for the framework of SebraeTec.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

Innovations will impact millions of people around the world and life and consumption will change dramatically in the coming years! This all thrills me!

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